memorial for El Lissitzky


memorial for El Lissitzky

architects: Arch. Marco Arrigoni, Arch. Fabrizio Arrigoni, Arch. Damiano Dinelli
design Team: Arch. Valentina Satti, Arch. Giovanni Tanini
location: Novosibirsk, Russia
year: 2012
url: catalog

We brought the canvas into circles… and while we turn, we raise ourselves into the space.
A Proun by El Lissitzky, 1925

We design the memorial for El Lissitzky as a panoramic tower on the left riverside of Ob, one kilometer south to Ulitsa Kommunal’nyy Most bridge. In this part of the city there is a wide forest area and the riverside is sandy and gravel. The memorial allows a view on the city where El Lissitzky was born, trying to reveal the conflict between the industrial vocation of Russian factories and nature.
The tower appears like an abandoned industrial ruin that breaks Ob riverside. The concrete basement runs horizontally, following the line of the ground. On the base, the reticular structure of the tower, a remind to the Lenin Tribune, is covered by a tightly-woven iron grid. During winter the iron grid holds the snow creating an ice surface and changing the building in an ice-tower. Inside the structure a corten stairway comes at the top of the building, to a panoramic terrace. Here the view of the visitor can encompass the complexity of the place where one of the greatest masters of Russian vanguards was born.